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Tunics - Silk - Velvet

Tunics - Silk - Velvet

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Feel comfortable and elegant in this tunic that is made in Two sizes which fits Small to Xlarge.  Wear with or without a belt, over a swimsuit, cover costume, lounge around.

Small fits up to a large or 44" bust   Large fits up to 48" bust

Tunics are made with a silk blend velvet or silk crepe.  The colors and patterns are made as limited runs so each one is unique and one of a kind.

Woad - 2024 - Velvet, printed with woad leaves, dyed with dandelion and indigo.

Papillion- 2024 - Silk Tunic, dyed with composted onion, logwood, with lacy maple leaf tataki zome print.

Indigo- Velvet, dyed with natural indigo vat

Dandelion- Velvet, dyed with dandelion roots and leaves collected locally. Size large

Intersect- Silk Crepe, dyed with cochineal and iron.  Size large

*Hand washing is recommended and ironing with medium heat is ok but please be delicate and iron on back side vs velvet pile side.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and versatile tunic

The fabric...incredible, soft, sensual and so flowy. I love to wear this gorgeous tunic over a nude slip with strappy heels. Sexy! Also works beautifully with leggings and a snug tee underneath for lounging around like a queen. Also amazing over a pair of jeans!

I sure you look amazing in it as well. Thank you!