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Chakra Stickers - Full Set

Chakra Stickers - Full Set

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These stickers are a full set of 7 chakra centers. Originally they were 15 inch silks dyed with rust, and copper in 2006. Each one represents a chakra center. They are made with a sturdy vinyl paper that is water resistant. They measure 3 inches square and each is labeled in tiny font with dates and the artists name.....Rio Wrenn......Thats me! They are as follows: Sahasrara - crown Ajna - Third eye Visudha- throat Anahata - heart Manipura - navel Svadhisthana- sacral Muladhara- root There is a lot of information about chakras out there to look up and understand if you dont already know. I would recommend reading about them. It has been a subject of study for centuries found in the Yoga Sutras. * Your stickers will be sent in a regular envelope with a fixed price. I did this because the automatic prices for both international and domestic were triple what it would cost.
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