Welcome to the workshop offerings for 2024. 
If you can't join us in space and time then you can visit my YouTube page for some free tutorials at Rio Wrenn.
*I am aware that not everyone can afford to take a workshop so in an effort to be more inclusive I am offering scholarship discounts and wavers for those who are in need. If you have a need for this please contact me and let me know why it is important for you and how it could impact your practice in a positive manner.
  I am now offering raw dye materials, dye kits and a variety of natural dyed fabric bundles to create your own beautiful work. 
Below are images of previous workshop magic.
Many Blessings! Rio

One Day



Ritual Making -   Tataki Zome

For 3 hours we will be using collected leaves and petals from collective gardens to create sacred space and together pound some prints out with hammer and fresh sacrifice. This technique is lots of fun and it is very simple to create marks with intricate details.

May 11, 2024- RAW Studio -More details


Ritual Making- Thread Intuition

In this 5 hour session we will spend time together learning basics of embroidery and how to create a language with thread and needle. We will start by understanding how to dye threads to customize your sacred works with local plants and minerals. Collectively we will create and share in a way that will bring forth the magic inside you and manifest a sacred piece.

June 15, 2024 -  RAW Studio - More Details


Indigo Basics

Let's talk about the magic of indigo.  From the growing and harvesting to the extraction of leaf to dye, there is no denying the special nature of indigo.  Rio will explain the nature of indigo and demonstrate how to easily create a dye vat that is non toxic.  This vat will yield a blue of many shades.  Together we will create samples and small works of wonder to begin your love affair with indigo.

August 17, 2024- RAW Studio - More details


Harvesting Colors

Let's harvest color with local plants and discover the possibilities of mark making. Immersion dyeing, printing and painting are some of the techniques we will explore in this 4 hour workshop.

June 29, 2024- RAW Studio - More details


Two Day

Rust Fusion - Grey Scale to Black

This workshop intensive explores techniques practiced by Rio and inspired by the ancient craft of Kalamkari from India. By using natural fibers such and basic elements of iron and  tannins we will explore the magic of printing and dyeing.

These techniques can be used in book making, painting, textile arts, ritual practice, leather arts, weaving of any kind...

This is a natural and ecological method that is quick in its results and has low impact on our environment while at the same time it is fun and nurtures the soul.

- RAW Studio - More details


Three Day

Ritual Making

This course is three days total over a two week time lapse.


In this three session series we will come together to create Talismans that are personal and magical for each individual.  Connecting with the earth and understanding what that means to you will help to generate inspiration that we will manifest in the form of a talisman.  This sacred symbol is used to visualize as a means to attract good luck and give protection. We will meditate on possibilities as to how this can become a personal symbol and what forms it can take.

We will explore basics with natural dyes, shibori, direct dye or composting, rust printing, embroidery, and layering techniques.

August 23, 24, 30, 2024 -RAW Studio - More details


Five Day

This courses is five days total but will be over a three week time lapse.

Ritual Making

In this five session series we will spend 3 hours for 2 consecutive days and then come back for two more 3 hour days followed with a final day together within the course of three weeks.  This will be an exploration of alchemy with plants and minerals combined with the magnetic pulls of the moon and the star dust of our being.

Together we will practice the art of natural dyeing combined with harvesting and making in alternative ways with intention and love.  This is powerful fuel for our souls.  I will be combining techniques such as immersion dye, indigo, composting, shibori and printing with rust and thicken dye.  We will also practice with stitching and construction. I am happy to tailor these days to fit your needs as an artist and creator.

If you are interested in this private course intensive please message Rio for rates and time slots. Discounts applied if you invite friends. :)



Past Workshops