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Tataki zome - Plant prints - organic - textile- cannabis

Tataki zome - Plant prints - organic - textile- cannabis

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These prints were made from fresh leaves and petals. This technique translates from Japanese as hammer dyeing. Simply put it is the transfer of plant pigment directly on fabric by use of hammer. たたき染め

I have composed these cottons to be made into something special. After they have been hammered I fix them with various mordants such as iron to bring out bold colors and keep the pigment in.

These pieces are : A- organic hemp/cotton previously dyed with cannabis print. 9x11 inches B- organic cotton twill, cannabis print. 11x9 inches C- organic cotton poplin, indigo and grass print. 8x4 inches D- organic cotton poplin, indigo, clover and coreopsis petal print. 8x4 inches E- organic cotton poplin, sumac print, 8x9 inches K- Organic cotton canvas, cannabis print and petals, 9x10 inches

Hand washing in mild soap and air drying is recommended

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