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Rust Fusion – Grey Scale To Black

Rust Fusion – Grey Scale To Black

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September 16, 17 -10am – 4pm
R A W Textiles Studio
8536 SE Stark St
Portland, Oregon

Registration closes September 14

This workshop is for all levels and can be applied to various art practices such as printing, painting, paper arts, encaustic, weaving ect……  You will gain a basic understanding of plant based tannins combined with one mordant; iron.  Rio will go over thickeners as well as soy milk.  These can be used to expand your practice to silk screening, printing, painting.


Day One- Introduction to tannin and iron baths. Soy milk demo with group straining. 🙂  Make samples with tannins and iron and generate ideas for tomorrow.

Day Two- Thickener demo, rust printing, make and create final projects

We will be creating silk and cotton samples of each color combination. This creates an organized way to record your findings. There will be larger samples available to practice techniques and one larger panel to create a masterpiece.

We will have a one hour lunch break .  I will provide iced or hot tea.  Please bring food according to your needs.

Bring any iron objects that you would like to print with any extra fabric that you might want to dye.  I will provide sample fabrics, and two 28 inch square fabrics to create a masterpiece.

*If you have to cancel workshop after registration is closed there will a non refundable material fee subtracted from total.

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