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Ritual Making - Rose Beads

Ritual Making - Rose Beads

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June 18, 2023 - 11 am- 3pm

R A W Textiles Studio
8536 SE Stark
Portland, Oregon

Registration closes June 16 

The moon will be in darkness while we meet and create together. This time can be thought of as intentional and healing. Often called the new moon, the energy is birthing and will be accumulating, which is a great time to collectively draw our energy together. There will be a ritual as to how we mix, formulate, and manifest the materials found from this earth.

I have been creating beads from fresh roses for many years and it has given me an opportunity to learn how to collect and preserve the gifts from nature. You could say it has been a gateway to nature worship. In this workshop we will explore the magic inside of you, while working within the group collective. There is no limit to what you can create but I was thinking prayer flags, talisman, charm, bracelet, necklace....

We will ground ourselves in rose lore and then use harvested petals from my garden for rose bead making. Feel free to bring any roses that you have access to. Most preferable is reds, pinks, purple, darker colors vs lighter. I will be sharing my technique of creating these beads and together we will make several batches of pulp to form beads with. What are the tools to create and how can you manifest an object? There will be a demo on simple embroidery stitches that can be incorporated into you designs.

Then there will be a few dye pots available to create colors onto a variety of fabrics and threads. I will create some baths with local color rich in tannin and something bright such as madder root.

Alternately, think about beads you might want to incorporate into a strand. Bring them to the workshop to show and tell.

*You will need to bring- apron, pen, paper, roses to share, beads, some kind of container to transport the wet rose beads to your home

*I will supply roses, dye, thread, textiles, needles, gloves, information hand-out.

There will be a short lunch break so please bring something for nourishment. I will provide hot tea.

Space is limited to a 7 people.


*If you are interested in this ritual format for a private event please reach out to Rio directly.

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