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Ritual Making - Talisman

Ritual Making - Talisman

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August 23, 24, and 30 -10am - 3pm
R A W Textiles Studio
8536 SE Stark
Portland, Or

Registration closes - August 21

This workshop will focus on making with intention. I normally provide space to learn techniques and give freedom for each to create as one feels prompted. However, I am wanting to explore deeper connection and have created this guided workshop that still gives a multitude of techniques but with the intention that together we will all create a talisman. This sacred symbol will become a mark for inspiration as you dive into your inner voice. Having time and space to explore what talisman means for you is individual, unique and connects us to community. I will share not only techniques to use but tips and tricks that I implement in my own work.


Day 1- Meditate – introduction to Talismans and our collective intent. Overview of all techniques. Start making samples
Technique 1 -Direct Dye (composting) plants and rust
Make samples for color and pieces to use for talismans 

Day 2- Meditate - Share results answer questions
Technique 2- Rust printing, tannin and iron
Make samples and develop talismans

Day 3 – Meditate - Share results answer questions.
Technique 3 - Natural dye baths, embroidery and layering.
Make samples and continue development of talisman language.

I will provide dyes, plenty of fabrics for samples and other materials such as thread for making your talisman. The material fee is built into this workshop.

We will have a half hour lunch break each day. I will provide iced or hot tea. Please bring food according to your needs.

Bring any iron objects that you would like to print.

* Space is limited to 5 guest

*There is no refund for cancellations after registration closes so please be sure you can attend when you sign up. There is no make up class offered unless prearranged.

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Customer Reviews

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Over several days in Rio’s studio, I created two larger mandalas. When I look at them, they remind me of the importance of taking time to try new things and to remain open and curious—not overly attached to a certain outcome. When we make space in our lives not to know and have it all figured out, we make an opening for a new discovery or new way of seeing things to come in.

Learning from Rio is a magical gift. She pulls from a deep well of knowledge and experience of plants, fibers and metals and how they all interact. Rio imparts a reverence for the natural world and works as a collaborator with plants and nature in all its forms—drawing you to fall in love yourself. She is dedicated to her craft and her passion is inspiring.