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Pentagram Dream Catcher

Pentagram Dream Catcher

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This dream catcher is handmade with foraged drift wood, beads, rust bits and repurposed string. You can hang on a wall or suspend for a 360 view.

It measures 6 inches wide and 24 inches long.

The beads used are pearls, tiger eye, brass and agates.


It starts with a trip to the ocean shores or the rivers edge where I forage drift wood that speaks to me. The perfect shape to become form again as a catcher of dreams.

Each piece has been carefully drilled and bound with wire and strings to frame and hang as a blessing in your home.

The strings are repurposed from years of natural dyed bundles that have left colors in surprising and spontaneous ways.

The charms and chains are all repurposed from estates and things I find along the way.

The knotless netting is a meditative free form design that is unique to each piece.

Magical in every way, these dreamcatchers can hang from the ceiling or against the wall.

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