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Organic Hemp/ Cotton Yardage - Madder Root

Organic Hemp/ Cotton Yardage - Madder Root

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This muslin weight textile has been first soaked in Soy to react like a mordant in color saturation and helps with how the dye travels and bleeds. It was then dyed with madder root and charcoal ( iron /tannin pigment) after it was folded to help create texture and color shifts. The background that looks lighter is a very soft pink and not white as it may appear in the photos.  The madder reds are basically giving variations fr its color.

The full width of fiber is 59 inches and this cut is 72x59 inches total. That is 2 running yards.  With that you can create so many wonderful things such as dress, pants, blouse, drapery, quilts, and much more... Let this earth infused fiber inspire you.

Water is part of the dyeing process therefore the fibers are preshrunk. Hand washing and air dry is recommended.

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