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Natural Dye Kit - Winter Kit -

Natural Dye Kit - Winter Kit -

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This Winter Dye Kit was made to inspire you to create with the harvest from the earth. I have been gathering plants to dye for my own work and wanted to share the bounty with you. Inside you will find everything needed to get started working with natural dyes. The color palette are the shades of winter glow. Inside you will find:

Black Walnut 1 oz Gardenia .5 oz Sumac leaves .5 oz Ferrous Sulfate .5 oz Pair of wood clamp boards Cotton and silk samples 2 yards cotton thread Undyed cotton tote or silk altar cloth Undyed- upcycled pouch Instruction booklet

There is enough dye stuffs to saturate several yards of fabric besides the projects enclosed. The tote is made with an organic sueded cotton. It is perfect for carrying heavy to light loads. Sacred to mundane. Constructed in Portland, Or. USA It measures 13x14 inches with a 15" strap length. The Altar cloth is a silk haboti and measures 28 inches square. The ends are machine hemmed with a small 1/4 inch rolled hem. Silk is my personal favorite because it feels great and takes the dye so good. I am also offering an option to not have a project enclosed but only the sample fabrics. There is also a bonus undyed pouch in which everything is packed that you can dye with plus two yards of cotton thread that is wound around the pouch. You may decide to dye the thread and use for your projects such as embroidery. The pouch is made with upcycled table cloths so please understand there may be signs of use. This kit contains plants and minerals that are non toxic and safe to work with children starting about 8 years old with an adult. Please wear gloves if you have skin sensitivities All the packaging is compostable and recyclable.

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