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Mugwort - dried herb - organic

Mugwort - dried herb - organic

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Mugwort is a flowering plant of the Artemisia family. This has ties to the moon and its energies. I have harvested this leaf and flower from my own organic garden. It was a good year for Mugwort! There are many uses for mugwort including medicinal, magical, and household. Many of those uses are while it's fresh but as a dried plant it can still be very useful. Compounds in the plant can repel insects. It is the main ingredient in moxibustion, which is used in acupuncture. For centuries it has been used to flavor food and beverages. It aides in digestion. In Korea it is known to relieve ache joints and and boost circulation. Magically it has many uses including, warding off evil, and heighten dream states. Mugwort is known as the initiates plant that starts you on the spirit path. I encourage you to look up the many things written on Mugwort and give it a try. Please be careful if you are pregnant. One ounce is about 2 cups of herb.
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