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Herbal Sachet

Herbal Sachet

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These sachets are made with tatiki zome prints and natural dyes. Each one is original in size, pattern, and herbal fill.

The herbs are organic and harvested in Portland. The flax seed allows for the sachet to be heated. (Sachet D)

A- Cotton front , silk back - indigo and cotinus leaves - filled with rose, lavender, mugwort and orange peel - 5x6

B- Cotton front, silk /cotton back- barberry leaf - filled with rose and lavender - 4x5

C- Cotton / Hemp front, silk back - indigo and cotinus leaves - sumac back- filled with  rose, lavender, mugwort, lemon verbena - 7x4

D- Cotton front, silk/ cotton back - clover and queen anne lace print - filled with lavender and flax seeds -4x6



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