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Gardenia fruit - Dye - Herb

Gardenia fruit - Dye - Herb

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Gardenia Jasminoides is a hardy variety that grows well in warmer climates. It gives off a sweet smell when flowering and leaves behind a magical fruit. The gardenia fruit is used for medicine and natural coloring. I am selling the dried ground fruit. It is a very intense yellow color that is fast in its shade on cottons, wool and silks. There is no need for a mordant with this dye stuff. The examples shown are with no mordant but some combined with iron or indigo. One ounce of dye material will create 2-4 yards of silk or cotton fabrics. Wool will absorb more pigment and therefore take more dye. Depending on how you use the material it will have different color intensities. For the best color leave in dye bath for several hours or overnight.
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