Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous Peoples Day


I would like to take a moment to honor the people that came before.

Taken at Cathedral Park June 2018 before a sun ceremony. I don’t know who they are but they shared a smile.

This earth that we live on is such a sacred space and it seems in the Americas there is no other group of people that have know this more than the indigenous. Not only did they know this but they lived in accordance to these cycles.

If we want to stretch the meaning of indigenous I would say that we are all indigenous to the planet. As earthlings we were born of the stars and our bodies are made with the earth elements. But the disconnect happens when we think about how we live each day. What has this connection brought us and what will it become? For my entire life as a native of the Pacific Northwest, I was raised to understand that others who had great reverence for the earth inhabited this land I live on. It was never disclosed at my young age just how unjust the interaction was with the Native Americans but I knew well enough that these people saw potential and reaped benefits from the earth in a way far removed from the life I lived and was told to adopt. In essence they were too gentle to keep this land protected and sacred forever. But as I have grown and matured I have always kept this sacred and earth centered way of living close to my heart. This is why I am a witch. A heathen of the earth that follows the seasonal shifts in celebration each year with ritual, magic, harvest, and reverence. There is no way you can convince me that this earth is not our shared miracle and resource to use with respect to heal and nourish.

It is sad to think how many people (manly men in the government) who are totally blinded by greed and gluttony. Really most people are brainwashed to believe that consuming and domination is right….. a birthright. This is totally the wrong way to go……and it has been going. Can we stop this momentum before we completely destroy the planet we live on?

I send out prayers

I live my life as an agent for the mother earth. Giving and taking like a breathe that will embrace and keep me strong. This is my purpose. For anyone who reads this and can relate I smile knowing there is authenticity in our world. I feel it in my heart. I have meet many spirits who are centered and knowing with eyes truly open that what we have is this moment. So why waste it being racist (in any form), greedy, and hateful? The earth knows not skin color, race, status, or religion. All are equal and all are sacred beings.

Let us celebrate our connections!




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