The Windows, the Witch, and the Doors of Perception

The Windows, the Witch, and the Doors of Perception

Today is the day I am thinking about what has come before. The veil between the world of living and dead is thin and it seems such an appropriate time to observe the essence of time passing.

There has been a lot of mental stimulation in my life since I started my transition from being a married woman of 17 years to rediscovering my wild woman self and embracing my spirit. I have to note however that there always seems to be a choir of voices in my head and nothing gets past me but a lot gets to pass through.

To be completely alone is a beautiful thing that I will never give up. But to share time and space with another is also a beautiful thing. Finding a balance is a mystery that eludes me.

When I feel at odds with the forces of the universe and I don’t know what the messages I am given mean but they keep coming…..I place them in a pile. The pile of unanswered questions and dashed hopes. This pile is not insignificant and unlike most people I don’t think anyone or anything is insignificant. I actually think everything is magical and the significance is a gift. This is the problem. I feel too much and when I constantly see others turn away and treat pure magic as insignificance I become hurt. This is a cruel world we live in and finding authentic people who really want to build community are hard to come by.

So, this pile I have been living with is a source of pain for me and intrigue. I need to allow these things to be washed away and yet I don’t feel like I learned anything from them.

As I move forward everyday in time and space I wonder if there will ever be a moment to stop and reflect on how and why these mysteries exist.?

Our ancestors have moved before us and through the cycles of each life. Those lives are so rich with lessons and change that a rhythm has developed for our hearts to beat. I am truly grateful for being part of this time and yet I often think I do not belong in this world. I am a witness to the deplorable ways in which man treats our planet and slowly lets her die……. I hold a piece of the puzzle but I feel like it really does not matter.

What can be done?

Those who have come before are the masters of life. We can enhance and adapt to make better the various lessons, inventions and discoveries once we have studied and understood. This is called respect and I wish there was more of it in our world today.

So in the spirit of our ancestors and the mysteries of life that constantly churn I am sprinkling pictures of doors and windows from my trip to France. These openings are mysterious and mundane at the same time. They will transform you or they will lock you in the box you don’t want to find yourself in. From them you can see outside and inside your true potential.

The next opportunity is awaiting on the other side……

May you find peace and love inside and out!!


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