Portfolio 2013-2014 - Throat Chakra


To the Core

This work was shown in 2014 for two separate shows. The first was a group show called Inside Out and the second a solo show. My intention was to capture in a visual way the center or core of many things. This could be slices through plant stems, tree trunks, stones, bones, and even our mind. All of these things have a central cell that radiates and most of them are virtually invisible. Each piece had a mandala like quality and as I created them they started to show me faces and images that inspired further pieces. As much as it was a exploration of colors it was a test of my skill to make marks in the most unusual ways. This required me to push the boundaries of what I had created before and develop new techniques to execute my visions.

In 2013 I had a group show that was about creating intersections of colors and pattern. There were several installations for that show. Two of them were sculptural in nature that had more to do with opening the throat and heart chakras. The other two were large panels that focused on opening the doors to the elements of water and fire. These things all worked together to create complex layers of color, pattern and literal layers of material.









































© Rio Wrenn

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