Trashy Spirit Guides

Trashy Spirit Guides

It has been too long since my last posting. The wheel has started turning again and things in my world are moving forward and picking up speed……….

In late February I was accepted into a residency with Metro, Recology and Cracked Pots. The this project is called ‘Glean’ and I am one of 5 artist that get full access to pick or glean from the city dump (transfer station) and on August 14 we are having an art exhibition. This is my first residency and quite an appropriate one at that.

For my part in the show I will be revisiting recycled fashion. Some of you may remember my show in 2010 ‘Pre-soiled’. So much fun!! This time I am going for a deeper concept which is ‘Spiritual Warrior’. So far my visits to the station have been magical and have been informing my work in a much appreciated way.

Feel free to check the community glean blog for more information on the project and the other artists who are creating. We are also posting our findings and thoughts on this blog.

I thought I would share with you some of the animal spirit guides that came to me while looking through the heaps of trash. This will for sure be part of the show in some manifestation.


The Owl- an old soul that has the ability to peer through the agenda of others, she will observe, be silent, keep secrets and wisdom guarded until the right moment to swiftly move into action.


The Rabbit- Blessing are in the mist, abundance, renewal, and new opportunities will be nudged forward, she has intuition and timing down to a science. This is how she knows when to jump into action and make a move.


The Tiger- is mystery, sensuality, beauty and passion. With the energy of the new moon she speaks to the heart for courage to go after what you desire.


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