Tiger Trance

Tiger Trance



pain 1

The Tiger still wanders……

Why cant you sense me?

Why do you hide in the shadows?

I fear I will never meet you.

I am loosing fate that my heart can be soothed.

I am becoming hardened.

Time passes and you are not here,

I am sad,

I am half the story and half the strength.

All these words are written to express what I feel in my gut.

My experiences are so thick with pain, it consumes me like a flame.

I feel the pain surge–it has to exist for beauty and love to circulate.

When I stop to take a moment and look around I see and feel that my magnetic energy has attracted.

Many things are good, authentic, magical.

I want to cling to those moments, that energy.

My heart space however seems to open before it is safe.

There are demons lurking around it….my soft, venerable, warm heart beating in a rhythmic trance.

They feed off me and leave nothing behind.

The demons are in disguise as lambs.

I hate them.

I must focus on my work for it is my life path.

It nurtures me and it strings everyday together.

In the depths of my heart I create from this pain, from the suffering I sense everyday.

It transforms into beauty and pure color.

I only hope to heal as it is released out to world for any eye it may reach.

With these words I release the trance.

May only righteous things come forward!


Photos : Meredith Adelaide




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