The Great Conjunction

The Great Conjunction

I have slowed down in posting from my heart. The part of me that finds the center and screams out. This pandemic year has given time for feeling more. I have not been sure what to do with these feelings so I create with the bounty of nature. Now winter is near and I am ready to release all that has been building up. I want to share this with you. Well, at least one of the things I am releasing. I have this three panel screen which is need of new silk. My intention is to have a focal point radiate out and give vibrations of love and healing.

The challenge is to make my vision manifest on the silk. The panels are each 64 inches by 15 inches wide. I choose a rusty dart board frame as the center which will radiate colors from sections that I will isolate and dye at different positions. My favorite way to isolate is shibori techniques such as ori nui.

I gather the sections and wrap the part I don’t want to get dyed. The first color I use is a brilliant yellow from gardenia fruit.

The next color will be indigo. I am mixing a special mini vat from the pigment I extracted with Persicaria leaves this summer. (see earlier post)

I have decided to shift the hue of indigo by layering one section with myrobalan which is high in tannin and should create a reaction not only with the indigo but also the rust.

Now I am ready to create the last section in purple. Lac and iron will be the combination. Right now my panels look like a magic poppet.

But first I have to move the string to the other side of the ori nui stitch line so I can keep as much blue as possible and let the colors merge together.

In this detail you can see the where the colors originate

I love to make things not so perfect in a symmetrical way. Everything is moving like the natural world. I hope you can feel the vibrations. I was also inspired by the solstice star that will be shinning in the sky as it did once 800 years ago. Wishing you many blessings that 2021 will be a better year. A year in which we as the human race change the way we manipulate the earth.

This is the finished look installed in the wooden screen frame.


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