Ritual Making

Ritual Making


The ritual act of making has the potential to manifest a visual language that would not exist without the artist. This language is understood by those who look, as if they have seen it before; in a dream maybe?….the collective consciousness.

When working with all the facets of nature from this earth, there is life and death, and the string between the two. A cycle of time in the now. I observe how it manifests as it passes to the next moment.

There is energy that resonates from every object and our little eye balls cant even see it, but our souls and hearts can connect to it. We are chemicals reacting to our environment and ultimately we are created with very similar chemical reactions. This magical force in nature is full of gifts and can provide us with lots of clues to just how similar we are to plants and how we need them to survive. Its almost like a host relationship that lichen have with trees. We do rely on all the elements to keep us alive as a human race. This makes me wonder why modern man wants to pollute our earth, push the limits and feels that it is not as important as money. Money, Money, Money…….why must we worship you? It seems to be very out of balanced.

Living in a capitalistic country is something I loath but I honestly feel I was put into the world right where I am to be part of the change. The awakening to this paradigm. It is not mistake that I worship the earth and it is also infused in my art. Making as a form of ritual is something I have done for several decades and in many forms such as gardening, dancing, cooking, invocations…… There really is no separation between my art and my spirit. I’m sure this true for many who are creatives. There is something deeper that always exists. If we can only take a moment to listen then those deep frequencies will resonate. They come from the depths of the earth and inside the dark shadows. Even though we are grounded by gravity we soar because we are made of stars.


Let’s make sacred art. Let’s dance and resonate together. Acknowledge our differences, celebrate our breath and care for this earth.


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