Mediterranean Sea and Domaine du Rayol

Mediterranean Sea and Domaine du Rayol

I was invited to take a day trip and picnic with the staff at the Couleur Garance in the coastal town of Rayol. They have a beautiful Mediterranean garden that overlooks the sea. This Garden was built in the 1920’s by Gilles Clement. He wanted to bring landscapes from the world together and created a forest of ecosystems from Canary Islands, California, Australia, South America, South Africa, Chile and the Mediterranean Basin. The garden was quite beautiful and of course being able to walk down the winding path to the sea was breathtaking!

Finally, when I made it to the small beach area the rocks were beautiful earth tones of ochre mixed with a shimmer of mica.

Back in the garden we had time to explore and I captured several flowers in bloom plus this 300 year old oak tree!

It was truly a beautiful garden surrounded by the already magnificent natural landscape of the Southern Coast of France.

Finally, I present to you the staff of the Couleur Garance that made the trek to Rayol.

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