Links of a Chain

Links of a Chain

 Firstly I wish all of you a blessed New Year! It has been a minute since my last blog post. So many things are shifting and churning but there really has not been a lack of things to post but more a lack of time.

I am releasing my newest collection this month and I am so very happy with all the elements that have made it possible.

One element is metal and this time it is not the kind I would rust. This metal is bits and pieces of chain that I have been slowly collecting from vintage jewelry and cast off cuttings from abandoned projects.

These chains link and grow into a small collection of beautiful body jewelry that will add sass and beauty to your body. They can fit any body no matter if you are man or woman. All you need is to feel the call and work that magic which you hold inside.

I will be making new designs as the year progresses so please check back soon if I am out of stock. Also, you can reach out if you want a custom look.


It is my pleasure to adorn your body!


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