Inner Compass

Inner Compass

My personal life has been in a blender. So much transition has occurred and I am finally able to breathe and sort through the truths of what is left. When I think about how much time has past that I did not accomplish what I intended and yet I was on the path that I needed to be on; I am so grateful that the universe has a magnet to keep me (us all ) in some sort of alignment. Sometimes, ….well maybe most of the time when I create work conceptually I am ahead of what is to come. I feel as if I am in the moment but in actuality that moment is coming and I can sense it. The moment is always now but there are layers of truth that ring true after all is said and done. The film of truth coats my metaphorical tongue and I can taste it for months or years. I guess it is good for it to linger so I can process the lessons and move forward to the next place.

This all reminds me of the tarot collection I released in fall 2014. One card in particular is stuck in my head and my heart. The 4 of Stones. This cards calls for balance and assessment. There may not be room to breathe. If the tight hold is loosened than things can move forward and thrive again. There is an internal compass that can be accessed and must be trusted! I hope you trust your compass.

Blessing to you!



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