Imbolg - Greeting the Light

Imbolg - Greeting the Light

This celebration is aptly named in its Celtic language to mean ‘in the belly’. It has been Christianized since to be called Candlemas.

On February 2, when the first seeds stir in the womb of mother earth we can look forward to the light.

This light is growing each day to over take the darkness that is winter.

What a great reason to celebrate and become inspired.

Brigid is the triple muse- goddess who is most reviered at this time for her association with fire, inspiriation, and of course fertility. He was said to live AD 453-523 but this has been questioned as her legend is pre- Christian.

Traditionally St Brigid’s crosses of straw are made to connect with seeds of grain for growing in spring. In every village a slightly different ceremony is played out in honor of the future crops.

Another custom often practiced is the cleanse or ritual purification. (Spring Cleaning)

A new tide of life is starting to flow in the natural world and it is time to look forward and relinquish the past. Spring cleaning is part of this ritual.


I propose a simple ritual as I often practice solo. During this current pandemic it is especially hard or not advisable to gather and ritualize. However, you can be sure other bodies are going through similar motions at this time so you are in good energetic company.

Find a quiet place to gather a small altar. This can be indoors or out. I have an altar in my home always ready to activate. To make your own for this moment you can gather a small bouquet of evergreen branches to represent the winter and or find things in your life that you hold on to and are ready to give up. This could be anything. I often write down the things in my head that I cannot manifest as an object. Now gather things that represent moving forward. Ideas you have that abstractly represent growth will work perfectly. Just the act of thinking about all these things has started the ritual. I have even used seeds that I am going to plant in my garden as worthy offerings.

Don’t forget the candles! I like to use white but any color or style will work. If you want to have multiple candles it will be very beautiful and bright. I will be using one candle for my ritual.

Often I will cleanse the space and my body before I start to ground and center. Using sage or palo santo as a smudge will carry away negativity and activate your ritual in this space and time.

You can now light the candle and begin to raise energy.

There are many ways you can go about this next step which is to acknowledge the 4 elements and directions. Earth, air, fire and water in combination with north, south, east, and west.

For me: Earth is North, Air is East, Fire is South, and West is Water.

This acknowledgement can be as simple as dressing the altar accordingly or calling them in each by name and properties. After this has been done you can start by sitting in silence and grounding your energy and calming your mind. I like to chant after this part but sometimes it is nice to just meditate.

This may be all you need to do or you may wish to verbalize your intentions.

I would like to offer words that could be stated which I found in a book of Sabbats by Janet and Stewart Farrar

‘Thus we banish winter, Thus we welcome spring, Say farewell to what is dead, And greet each living thing. Thus we banish winter, Thus we welcome spring!’

Keep your candles lit

May you be blessed








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