Harvest Magic

Harvest Magic

Welcome to my new blog format and website.  It has been a bit since I last shared any words and activity here.  So much is flowing and it is a beautiful thing for sure. 



Every year there is a harvest in the fall, but for me I tend to harvest all year around.  Some dye plants are ready in the spring and some in summer months but most of us associate September and October with harvesting crops and preparing for the cold winter months ahead.

Are you ready?  Was your garden abundant? 

Since the veil is thin and we are about to step into the season of the dead and venture forward into the darkness I would like to share with you the marigold harvest I gathered this year. 

It has been my practice to glean from friends, neighbors and wild foraging so it is no surprise to have the honor of harvesting a good crop of marigold from a friends garden for the second year.

The scent of this magical flower is intoxicating and reminds me of a bitter tonic.  They are very good companion plant in the garden for veggies in deterring pests and welcoming pollinators.

Marigolds are associated with the dead and the celebrations that occur from Samhain to dia de los muertos. Perhaps this is because they are found blooming in October still and they have such a bright color that can remind us of our loved ones and ancestors.  They are also very popular in India to honor deities, celebrate life, death and weddings.

And they also can be used for making color.  A beautiful bright yellow that can be shifted slightly with various ingredients such as iron, chalk, soda ash and alum.

Today I share with you some fun I had creating a dye bath with some of my fresh harvest.


May you find love and light in your life!



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