Climbing to the top in Les Baux

Climbing to the top in Les Baux

I make my slow accent to the top of the castle. I say slow because the stairs where well worn and very steep. I felt like I was scaling a mountian and had to use the hand rail to hoist me to the next step.

This was one of the few rooms that was still protected by 4 side walls but as you can see no roof. Two things drew me in right away. One was the corner detail and the other is the hole in the wall.

This corner column, had a wonderful patina that was not lichen but perhaps from rain water and some kind of algae or just a chemical reaction to the calcium and tannins? Just this detail made me think about how much work when into giving this castle a unique beauty to bring comfort and the organic curves of nature. Speaking of organic, I see there is light peeking through this hole next to me.

This would have been a perfect place for a window. I guess its a matter of perspective.

Up to another level almost above the last room I was in there was this breeze way. I imagine, that when this castle was in use hardly no one saw these views but the guards and owners of the castle. Now it is open to the public and thousands of people from all over the world come and crawl all over this kingdom.

Ok, now I am at the top of the top looking down at the grounds and feeling like a queen. Ha ha.

The next post will be about the Carrieres De Lumieres in the quarry. This was the most amazing projected art show that swallows you whole.

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