Chateau des Baux-de-Provence

Chateau des Baux-de-Provence

As I sift through photos of my recent adventures I keep thinking how camera crazy I was. Like a tourist but also like a hungry artist let loose in her best situation. This was it. The moment. I am in it; I am present. Everything is hyper clear. As if by magic I am brought to these places in the Provence. No, really I was invited by my wonderful Airbnb host, Patrick, to Les Baux. His friend was visiting and they were going out to see this amazing show Carrieres de Lumieres. (I will dedicate the next post to that) Of course I will come along!!! This show was in a quarry that is located very close to the village which leads to the castle. The medieval chateau really stimulated my senses. It may sound cliche but the stone was whispering poetry. I could have stayed for many more hours absorbing the energy and wandering the ruins. This chateau is built out of and is part of a gigantic rock spur that overlooks the village of Les Baux, the vineyards, and olive groves which lead to the Mediterranean sea.

Before I entered the castle we had lunch at this cafe. I ate an omelet with frites.

The spur that the chateau grows out of

The first thing I saw after entering the gates was this small cemetery.

Once this was a windmill

Being a medieval chateau, they of course had various catapults and military tactics reconstructed on the site.

I soon realized that the stone was grey and massive but it was like bone. This is the magic of the stone that still lives. It lives and life breeds from it. There was so much lichen all over the rock surfaces. I’m not even sure how many varieties I saw. It was beautiful and I just let it soak in.

The views were quite spectacular. In every direction there was a vast span of country. And as I climbed to the top the views got more breathtaking.

But before we climb to the top, I want to show you things of interest on the ground level. This old Pillory silently stood off to the corner but I’m sure at one time it was actually in the middle of things. What a concept for punishment…….

This was at the entrance to the Boulangerie.

And this is what remains.

Before I take you up the aged and well worn stairs I would like to pause and enjoy the view from where I stand and continue in the next post………………

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