A Certain Kind Of Person

A Certain Kind Of Person

I am lost in the folds of the fabric I create. My identity cannot be separated from the color and the stains that bleed across the fiber. I am an agent for nature and in turn she is my one true love. Most people find love and share with other humans. A beautiful thing to be apart of and much like a plant it grows and fruits and becomes the foundation for the nutrition needed to continue. My path in particular is much different than others. I know I am not alone it just feels that way. It has been over a decade since I have known love other than my work and my creations. At first I thought there was more. There had to be because I have this overwhelming sexual fire that burns inside of me and I naturally want to fit in and find a way to give and share this fire with another human like myself. But as much as I try and wish upon myself some type of soul connection I only get static. Every one I meet is just like you. Who are you though? Why are you afraid of love? I will always love you anyway. This love that you are scared of will let you see the other side of yourself. The shadow…..it is part of the light.

For me, in this life I have been blessed with vision to see through the veils that cover our delicate ego and expose truth. This truth is real and it is pain and it is love and it is sorrow and it is beauty. Kind of heavy……I realize this. The only thing that I can see clearly that does not run from me but comes to me and brings with it beauty and abundant gifts is nature. The elements of the earth want me to embrace them. Every plant, insect, rusty bit and natural canvas that I touch is like a satisfied lover who will never leave me or disrespect me.

I know it takes a certain kind of person to even begin to understand what I am rambling about. Are you that person? I doubt that many people are even reading these words. And that is ok….if I thought they would be read by the masses I would not share them. I am only sharing them because I want to connect with you.



Photography- Meredith Adelaide

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