Cerebral Fantasies

Cerebral Fantasies

Taking a moment to understand the delicate power of isolation…..

I have been writing in bursts of inspiration for my book that has been in my head for the last few years. Working towards getting it out of the corners of cerebral fantasies to the hard definitive form of words and font.

I am grateful to have personal experiences that were built in isolation for over a decade with just my hands, my spirit and the abundance of source from the earth. These moments were the most important I have ever had. Looking back, I can say it is a powerful testament to living in the now.

All the moments spent with the materials I use to create color, reveal to me little secrets that feel like a hundred kisses. It would have never been this way if I did not close off my surroundings and dive deep. Bringing those materials close to my heart transformed them into devotion and love. This love was shared in my studio and eventually in exhibits with hundreds of other eyes. The outcome combined with the process became the perfect song. The song of my heart. Since I have stepped out of isolation in the last few years I am now wanting to make a sacred exchange.

The processes I have developed are like a ritual I wish to share with my community. The magic of this ritual takes time to develop a rhythm. This allows for the birth of what is growing. Through surrender, processes and techniques will formulate. These processes are not just to work with plants to make color. But to let the essence of darkness and light combine in whatever medium or creative path you are on.

There are times that I want to go back and isolate. But, in truth this is the moment in my evolution that I need to connect. Now is the time to make sacred exchanges with respectful authentic humans. Now is the time to ask….

What does love look like in abstract form?

How can we cultivate the power to create a ritual for our life?

How can we honor those who came before us and contributed to the veins of life?

These questions unfold daily in my mind. They are prompted not only because I am writing a memoir but because over the years I have had the honor to hold space and share energy with other makers who ask similar questions.

By working with natural elements and harvesting with the cycles, a ritual for life can begin. Everyone can be uplifted if they stand before this path of magic. Where the outcome leads takes an open mind and willingness to venture to the uncomfortable places that will always bring a new perspective. In taking this challenge you will find a new song to sing. Not to remake the same song, but write new lyrics and find the beat from deep with in your heart.


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