A Blessing Named Bella

A Blessing Named Bella

It is a quiet time in my world right now. I regret to report my baby has passed to the other realm. I am aware that when I brought her home there was a time limit to the joy she share on this earth plane. Unfortunately that does not ease the heartache. How can I ever write a post to express how magical she was and do justice to her doggie essence? I can only tell stories that give a glimpse of her nature and share images of her pure beauty.

One of the things that I will miss the most is walking with Bella. She loved to go on walks anytime, any day, anywhere. So naturally she was always by my side or taking the lead as we walked hundreds of miles together. Really I do not know how many miles but it seemed endless……She was my studio mascot and that meant everyday by my side as I worked and created so much magic with plants and rust.


Often when we walked it was just a basic stretch to get some air and wind our way through the neighborhood for several hours. I felt it was important to not walk the same path so we found a dozen different routes to one place and they were always on rotation. Part of this was so Bella would not get bored and because I had an addiction to scouring the streets for discarded metal bits and bottle caps. In the peak of this season I collected so many treasures. Bella was right there by my side waiting and stopping each time I had to pick up a new curiosity. There was roughly 1000 bottle caps procured at one point and sometimes one place would give several dozen at a time. I remember going over one lot several times in a one year period like I was a human metal detector. Bella was not bored with me but in fact learned to spot the rusty bits and proved to be such a good helper.

But more than a helper she was a treasure with a passionate spirit that never quit.

Like a true Aquarius, Bella loved to be close to people and never wanted to leave the park when it was filled with bodies. Even when she became blind in the last year of her life she was most happy when she heard people. She could tell the difference between just a few voices vs the energy of a gathering.

I often wonder how I got so lucky to share space with her. I guess I needed some highly charged magic familiar to spice up my life. People often say our dogs look like us but really Bella was stunning and I am far from that adjective. She did have hair similar in color to mine and I guess if I could have a token of beauty it would be my hair. But Bella could have been a dog model with the stunning hair and eyes she had. So many times I was told how her hair was to die for and how most women spend hundreds of dollars to get the color variations she had. And then there was the comments on how she looked like the fox on the Labyrinth, Ewoks from Star Wars, and fizzgig from Dark Crystal. She was a conversation starter for sure.

Bella, I will cherish your memories for ever and for years will recount the lessons you have taught me.

May you find peace with your animal friends on the other side of the veil. I know I will meet you again someday! Forever with love – Mama Rio

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