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Alternative Processes – Composting

May 18,19, 20 and August 24, 25, 26 2018  -10 am – 5pm – R A W Textiles Studio – St. Johns – Portland, Oregon

$ 350.00

Registration Closes- May 15 and August 21


This workshop is geared for someone who has a basic understanding of natural dyes and or those who have taken my other workshops for Tannin and Natural Colors with Iron.  I encourage all to join but just know that this intensive is heavy on process and the basics will be moved through quickly.

As a self taught artist with natural dyes I have developed many of my own techniques by adaption of ancient processes and trial and error.  In this intensive we will explore a method I call ‘Composting’.  By using plants and dye concentrations we will create colors and patterns that will speak to the essence of the plants.  Mark making by printing with iron and thicken dye will also be explored.  We will create several samples of composted patterns and prints with rust as well as samples of colors that we will over dye with these processes.

By using very little water and isolating just a few ingredients we will create an abundant of colors and combinations.  I will provide silk and cotton to create samples and a larger silk panel to make a finished piece. I will provide  fruits and veggies with dips as well as iced tea or hot tea if you prefer.  Please bring food according to your needs.

This techniques is unique from eco printing in that it is a process I developed with no shortcuts so heat and time are the means to create the colors and the colors are actually the desired outcome and not the outline of the plant.  The other difference is that the outcome is a purposeful pattern that can be created in many ways and not limited to the rods or spools that normal eco printing is rolled onto.

Bring any iron objects that you would like to print with any extra fabric that you might want to dye.

If you are interested in this class please email Rio.  Specify which dates you would like to reserve and I will send you an invoice from Paypal for the workshop.   There is no refund for cancellations after registration closes so please be sure you can attend when you sign up.