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Ritual Making – Mandala

July 8,9, and 13 -10am – 3pm – R A W Textiles Studio – 8536 SE Stark – Portland, Or


Registration closes July 5


This workshop will focus on making with intention.  I normally provide space to learn techniques and give freedom for each to create as one feels prompted.  However, I am wanting to explore deeper connection and have created this guided workshop that still gives a multitude of techniques but with the intention that together we will all create a mandala.

This sacred symbol will become a mark for inspiration as you dive into your inner voice.  I have been creating mandala work for many years and it is always very satisfying.  I will share not only techniques to use but tips and tricks that I implement in my own work.


Day 1- Meditate – introduction to mandalas and our collective intent.  Overview of all techniques.  Start making samples (mini mandalas)

Introduce mordant – Alum – Iron

Technique 1 -Direct Dye (composting) plants and rust

Make samples for color and mini mandala samples


Day 2- Share results answer questions

Technique 2- Rust printing, tannin and iron

Make samples for color and mini mandala samples


Day 3 – Share results answer questions.

Technique 3 – Shibori, natural dye baths

Make samples for colors and mini mandala samples.  Finish final project


I will provide dyes, fabrics for samples and one 28 inch square textile for a final mandala.

We will have a half hour lunch break each day.  I will provide iced or hot tea.  Please bring food according to your needs.

Bring any iron objects that you would like to print.

There is no refund for cancellations after registration closes so please be sure you can attend when you sign up.




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