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Thank you for all your support during this pandemic!  I am starting to teach some events this fall and am hoping to continue my free demo videos.  Please follow on my Youtube page –riowrenn.  I will be producing some online workshops for the winter months and hope you will enjoy them and can participate.  Please visit my store if you are interested in supporting my art.  I am always updating with the latest products.  I will be offering raw dye materials very soon and more stock of fabric bundles for you to create your own beautiful work.   If you scroll down you will see images of previous workshop magic.      Many Blessings!



November 12, 2020-   Indigo Basics – Trio Furniture, Portland, Oregon

One Day

Black Walnut Event

I am so happy to finally host a short outdoor workshop!  This two hour event will be in honor of a fresh harvest of black walnut.  We will join together in masks ( of course)  in the back outdoor space at R A W Textiles to process black walnuts for a dye bath that will happily give color to all the fabrics that you bring.

September 27 2020more details


Indigo Vat Basics

Lets talk about the magic of indigo.  From the growing and harvesting to the extraction of leaf to dye, there is no denying the special nature of indigo.  Rio will explain the nature of indigo and demonstrate how to easily create a dye vat that is non toxic.  This vat will yield a blue of many shades.  Together we will create samples and small works of wonder to begin your love affair with indigo.

October 2020 – more details

November 12,2020– Private event for NWSID -Portland


Ritual Making –   Hapa Zome

For 5 hours we will be using collected leaves and petals from local sources to create sacred space and together pound some prints out with hammer and fresh sacrifice.  The goal will be to create herbal sachets with fresh harvested plants such as lavender, hops, and mugwort.  This technique is lots of fun and  it is very simple to create marks with intricate details.

May 2 , 2020 – canceled due to covid-19

Will revisit this workshop spring 2021


Harvesting Colors with Iron

This 5 hour intensive will explore colors from nature combined with iron. We will create a rich color palette that can be used by weavers, designers, textile artists,  printers…… With locally harvested plants we’ll make dye baths and talk about native vs invasive in collecting.   We will also create a dye bath using ferrous sulfate salts and I will discuss how to make your own with nails and metal scraps.  By using very little ingredients we can create mixes of color shades to incorporate into a pattern.  I will demonstrate how to create pattern with a few basic shibori methods, from there the possibilities are endless.

March 14, 2020  More Details

June 20, 2020 More Details- canceled due to covid-19


Two Day

Ritual Making

These courses are two days total but will be over a two week time lapse.

Due to covid 19 these classes will be delayed until 2021

Rose Beads

In this two session series we will spend 5 hours one day and 3 hours the second day we meet learning how to create rose beads from fresh rose petals,  naturally dyeing some cotton, and incorporating other found objects into a talisman or some sort of body adornment or sacred item to hang.  Collectively we will create and share in a way that will bring forth the magic inside you and manifest a sacred object.

June 20 and 27 –  canceled due to covid-19   More details


Magic Pouch

In this two session series we will spend 5 hours one day and 3 hours the second day we meet learning how to create and dye fabric for a small pouch that can be used to hold stones, herbs, or any small objects you hold sacred.  We will hand sew and adorn them together with love and intention.

July 25 and August 1 –  canceled due to covid -19More details



Three Day

Dyeing with Tannin and Iron

This workshop intensive explores techniques developed by Rio and inspired by the ancient craft of Kalamakari from India. By using natural fibers such as silk and basic elements such as iron and various tannins we will explore the magic of printing and dyeing.

This is a natural and ecological method that is quick in its results and has low impact on our environment.

During the workshop we will discuss the history of Kalamakari and use of iron in dyeing over the centuries. Rio will show you how to make your own rust bath from iron and an alternative bath with Ferrous Sulfate crystals. We will make a soy milk bath from fresh beans and discuss uses in printing and color enhancement. From there we will introduce tannins and create baths from concentrate powders and fresh local sources. We will be making pattern and printing with the ancient method of shibori and rust printing.  The focus will be more about how to expand our samples, make patterns, and incorporate these processes into your practice.

March 25-27 2020

Five Day

Ritual Making

This will be an exploration of alchemy with plants and minerals combined with the magnetic pulls of the moon and the star dust of our being.  I am still formulating this ritual and will update as soon as possible.

I am curious how many of you are interested in learning the art of natural dye combined with harvesting and making in alternative ways with intention and love.  This is powerful fuel for our souls.  I will be combining techniques such as immersion dye, indigo, composting, shibori and printing with rust and thicken dye.  We will also practice with stitching and construction.

Please send me a message on your thoughts!


Past Workshops

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