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Harvesting Colors with Iron

March  14, 2020  –  10am – 4pm  –  Daniel House – NW Portland-  Oregon

$ 175.00

Registration closes – March 12

This is a 6 hour class with a one hour break.  All levels are welcome.

We will create dye baths with colors found in nature such as black walnut, marigold, and madder root.  All of these plants can be easily obtained or grown in your garden.  When we combine them with a simple mordant – Aluminum Sulfate or Alum the colors will become fast and bright on the fibers.  When we combine them with Ferrous Sulfate salts or iron they will darken and change colors.  Together we will mix and dip sample silks and cottons to witness these results.  After this basic understanding we will then begin to layer colors with pattern by simple shibori methods.  By only using three colors you will discover a multitude of combinations.

I will be providing the fabrics to create small samples and medium samples of combinations.  There will also be silk panels available to create a larger final piece that can become a scarf, table runner, altar cloth or whatever you want it to become.

Please bring an apron, a large towel that can get dirty, pin, and note pad.

There will be light refreshments available, but please bring your own lunch for the break. You are welcome to stay or eat out during this break.

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