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Natural Indigo And Tannins

March 2, 3  2019  –  10am – 4pm  –  R A W Textiles studio – St. Johns – Portland, Oregon

$ 275.00

Registration closes – February 27

This workshop is for all levels. There is nothing to stand between you and the magic of indigo blue.  Together we will create concentrates to start your own vat at home with the simple method of 1,2,3 , that was was first introduced by Michel Garcia. We will also create a large vat to share in our collective creativity.

What exactly makes indigo such an interesting and complicated plant?  What happens when it is combined with the tannin family?  This is the subject we will focus in this 2 day intensive.

We will be making silk and cotton samples of each bath we create with various tannins in the form of concentrates and harvested plant matter.  Also, we will be sampling from the indigo vat with multiple dips for color intensity.  From there we will cross pollinate the tannin and indigo to understand the color shifts and chemical reactions. Finally, Rio will share some easy shibori and alternative methods to create pattern. There will be a panel of silk or cotton for each of you to create one larger piece or several experiments to start your process.  You will also be taking home a small vat concentrate to begin your own experiments after you are armed with this knowledge.

Materials are included in the class fee.

Please bring a 16 oz to 32 oz wide mouth glass jar with lid for your concentrate vat.   I will not have any to give out.


There will be a one hour lunch break (at Cathedral park if weather permitting).  I will provide  fruits and veggies with dips as well as iced tea or hot tea if you prefer.  Please bring food according to your needs.

If you are interested in this class please email Rio.  Specify which class you would like to reserve and I will send you an invoice.   There is no refund for cancellations after registration closes so please be sure you can attend when you sign up.


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