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Dyeing with Tannin and Iron

This workshop intensive will explore techniques developed by Rio Wrenn and inspired by the ancient craft of Kalamakari from India. By using natural fibers such as silk and basic elements such as iron and various tannins we will explore the magic of printing and dyeing.

This is a natural and ecological method that is quick in its results and has low impact on our environment.

During the workshop we will discuss the history of Kalamakari and use of iron in dyeing over the centuries. Rio will show you how to make your own rust bath from iron and an alternative bath with Ferrous Sulfate crystals. From there we will introduce tannins and create baths from concentrate powders and fresh local sources. We will be making pattern and printing with the ancient method of shibori and rust printing.

July 22, 23, 2017 –  More details

September 8, 9 2017 – More details


Natural Colors and Iron

This two day intensive will explore colors from nature combined with iron. We will create a rich color palate that can be used by weavers, artist, textile designers, paper makers…… By using very little ingredients we can create mixes of color shades to incorporate into a pattern. We will use dye baths and iron objects to create marks and test the ways that the colors shift. I will demonstrate how to create pattern with a few basic shibori methods and from there the possibilities are endless.

September 23, 24 2017 – more details coming soon


Natural Colors and Alternative Processes

Class description coming soon

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