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July 15-16 ,  Natural Indigo and Tannins – Sitka Center for Art and Ecology – Otis, Oregon – Registration opens March 12

July 24-26,  Alternative Processes – Composting for Pattern – Pacific Northwest Art School – Coupeville, Washington

August 18-24,  Alternative Processes – Composting and Dyeing with Iron and Tannin – Felters Fling – Silver Bay, New York

September 28, Tannin And Iron – Flock and Fiber Festival – Canby, Oregon


One Day

Ritual Making

Hapa Zome

Using collected leaves and petals from local sources we will create sacred space and together pound some prints out with hammer and fresh sacrifice.  This technique is lots of fun and  it is very simple to create marks with intricate details.

October 5, 2019     More Details 

Indigo Vat Basics

Lets talk about the magic of indigo.  From the growing and harvesting to the extraction of leaf to dye, there is no denying the special nature of indigo.  Rio will explain the nature of indigo and demonstrate how to easily create a dye vat that is non toxic.  This vat will yield a blue of many shades.  Together we will create samples and small works of wonder to begin your love affair with indigo.

April 7 , 2019……More Details


Two Day

Natural Indigo and Tannins

In this intensive workshop you will learn how to create a natural indigo vat with fructose. Rio will  guide you through the process from leaf to extract as we explore the ancient process of the color blue. We will create a multitude of blue green shades with the introduction of Tannin based dyes found in harvested plants and extracts. We will make a large vat to share and you will take home a starter concentrate to make your own vat at home.

This process is natural and ecological.  There are no toxic elements such as a traditional indigo vat.

May 18-19, 2019 More Details

Harvesting Colors

This two day intensive will explore colors from nature combined with iron. We will create a rich color palette that can be used by weavers, designers, textile artists,  printers…… With locally harvested plants we’ll make dye baths and talk about native vs invasive in collecting.   By using very little ingredients we can create mixes of color shades to incorporate into a pattern.  I will demonstrate how to create pattern with a few basic shibori methods, in combination with metal objects, and from there the possibilities are endless.

June 22-23, 2019   More Details


Dyeing with Tannin and Iron

This workshop intensive explores techniques developed by Rio and inspired by the ancient craft of Kalamakari from India. By using natural fibers such as silk and basic elements such as iron and various tannins we will explore the magic of printing and dyeing.

This is a natural and ecological method that is quick in its results and has low impact on our environment.

During the workshop we will discuss the history of Kalamakari and use of iron in dyeing over the centuries. Rio will show you how to make your own rust bath from iron and an alternative bath with Ferrous Sulfate crystals. We will make a soy milk bath from fresh beans and discuss uses in printing and color enhancement. From there we will introduce tannins and create baths from concentrate powders and fresh local sources. We will be making pattern and printing with the ancient method of shibori and rust printing.  The focus will be more about how to expand our samples.

Three Day

Harvesting Colors – Alternative Methods – Rust Printing

This three day intensive will explore color from harvested plants and found objects made with iron.  We will create a rich color pallet that can be used by weavers, knitters, paper artists, surface designers, encaustic arts, painters, and printers.  You will develop prints with rusted objects by using the methods I have been applying to my work for the last 18 years.  There will be discussion about harvesting native and invasive species as well as the concepts of working ecologically.

September 14,15 and 16  More details

Five Day

Ritual Making

This will be an exploration of alchemy with plants and minerals combined with the magnetic pulls of the moon and the star dust of our being.  I am still formulating this ritual and will update as soon as possible.

I am curious how many of you are interested in learning the art of natural dye combined with harvesting and making in alternative ways with intention and love.  This is powerful fuel for our souls.  I will be combining techniques such as immersion dye, indigo, composting, shibori and printing with rust and thicken dye.  We will also practice with stitching and construction into a fetish or small pillow.

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